Do you print as well as embroider?

Absolutely! We screen print thousands of t-shirts every year and would be more than happy to provide you with a quote. Additonally, for small orders, we can transfer, vinyl or digitally print.

What does ‘Logo Max 8000 Stitches’ mean?

The price we quote covers you for an embroidered logo up to 8000 stitches, which is an average breast sized logo. Additional stitches are charged at a rate of 20p per thousand. Of course, we’ll work this out for you when we see your logo, and you’ll get to see a proof.

What is logo origination?

Logo origination is the process of converting your logo into a format that can be used for embroidery. We charge a once only £20 for a breast logo and £30 for a large back logo.

Can I see garment samples?

Yes, of course.

Please be aware that we hold very little stock so most samples will come directly from the manufacturer. We do have to charge for samples, however they can be sent on to the factory to have your logo added.

How long does it take to deliver?

Most orders are delivered within 10 working days.

Can I proof my logo?

We email you a digital image of your embroidered logo within 48 hours of receiving your order. 

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes; 10 garments as each machine runs 10 at a time but this can include a combination of garments, colours and styles.

Repeat Orders

We have a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces.

Are your sizes accurate?

THERE IS NOT ONE UNIVERSAL SIZING SPECIFICATION. All promotional clothing is sized slightly larger to err on the side of caution. Each garment has a size specification online and it is your responsibility to ensure you order the correct sizes but we’re happy to advise you as best as we can. Please note: Once your logo is on the garment we cannot refund or exchange due to incorrect size ordering.

Can I have Multiple logos?

Yes. As a guide please add around £3 per additonal breast sized logo. As a ball park figure, a back logo is £5.

Do you embroider individual names?

Yes we do, this adds £3.00 per application.

Can you print a name, message on the back?

Yes we can. Depending on the quantity you order we will either digitally, transfer or screen print, for costs please email details of what you require.

How can I pay you?

By Bacs please.

When do you take payment?

For your first order we require payment up front. Subsequently terms are 30 days strictly please.

We’re local can we pop in and see you?

Since COVID arrived we no longer take visitors as we share our workspace and are not responsible for making the rules

Returns/Refunds Policy?

If there is a quality issue or something is missing please notify us immediately on receipt of your order. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have ordered the correct sizes as once we add your logo they cannot be reused.

Can you supply bespoke clothing?

Yes. We’ve supplied many orders to customer specs. In addition to a network of factories in the UK we have a manufacturing option offshore.

What else do you supply?

As well as clothing, we supply thousands of promotional items for marketing, events and exhibitions.

Have you finished?

Yes, that’s it!

Hopefully we’ve covered most of your questions, if we’ve missed anything or you have a specific query please let us know and we’ll endeavour to help.

Thank you.